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Blacksmithing again.  Daniels came to work today, so I helped him work in odd jobs all day.  Went up to a […] party at the Ritchaul Girls boarding place.


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March 30, 1870 Wednesday

Blacksmithing again.  Worked on a new farm wagon with Craig and then took hold of a running part that [Craig] is going to have.  Had a small party here in the evening.

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March 29, 1870 Tuesday

Blacksmithing again…. Welded and set an axle and so got through the day.  Twenty-One today and I write as my beloved brother did when this service of his life occurred.  May the Lord God protect me as I journey onward from this, a new starting point of life.  That brother I trust is dwelling with his heavenly Father beyond the reach of pain and suffering.  Read a precious letter from My Dear Sara and it was as good as a sermon.  Went to Lodge.

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March 28, 1870 Monday

Blacksmithing again.  I made and finished and finished up clasps most all day.  Mr. Daniels hasn’t come to work yet.  I made me a steel ring today; I welded it in the middle.  Tonight is the last of my boyhood years as far as the number of years is concerned.

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March 27, 1870 Sunday

Attended Sunday School and service.  Wrote a letter home and one to Brother Simon.  Sent him the steel ring that I made.  No meeting tonight on account of storm.

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March 26, 1870 Saturday

Blacksmithing again.  Worked on odd jobs such as Baker brought along.  Daniels wasn’t got to work yet.  Went to a choir meeting in the eve.

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March 25, 1870 Friday

Blacksmithing again.  On old tires and horse carts and so forth.  Henry wasn’t with us today on acount of his boil.  Got a letter from June.  Went up and saw Mrs. Mecett [?] and got my washing.

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